How to Build a Small Retaining Wall

Build a Small Retaining Wall

Introducing a small retaining wall into your property is something every homeowner can achieve, not just those seasoned DIY enthusiasts or professional landscapers. In this guide, our experts at Trinity Landscape & Sports have provided detailed steps on building a small retaining wall, addressing challenges such as soil erosion, creating tiered levels on a slope […]

Synthetic Grass vs Real Grass: What’s the Difference

Synthetic Grass vs Real Grass

Modern residential and commercial property owners in Australia have to balance the growing living costs with their property’s aesthetics and maintenance. In doing so, there’s often a common question about which would be better for their outdoor space: synthetic grass or real grass. Both turf types have unique benefits, so our specialists at Trinity Landscape […]

How to Build a Retaining Wall

Build a Retaining Wall

Are you sitting at home, gazing out your window at that unruly slope in your backyard, wondering how you can transform your outdoor space? The answer could be a retaining wall, and in this article, we’ll look at all the ins and outs of how to build one. Whether you decide to take the DIY […]

What Is Synthetic Grass (& Should You Install It)?

What Is Synthetic Grass (& Should You Install It)

If you’ve found yourself eyeing off your neighbour’s lush, green lawn with mixed feelings of envy and curiosity, it’s probably synthetic grass, the secret to a maintenance-free, always perfect lawn. Luckily, you can achieve the same great look by installing artificial grass in your yards. But if you’re not sure how to go about it […]

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy, Vibrant Lawn All Year Long

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy, Vibrant Lawn All Year Long

Are you looking for the best seasonal lawn care tips to keep your backyard green, lush, and the envy of the neighbourhood all year round?   Whether you want to maintain an existing lawn or are planning a new lawn, vibrant grass can be challenging with Australia’s unique climate conditions. But with the right strategies, tools […]

Lawn Watering: The Best Guide to Hydrating Your Grass Perfectly

Lawn Watering The Best Guide to Hydrating Your Grass Perfectly

Maintaining a lush, green lawn requires proper lawn watering to achieve the right balance of sunlight, nutrients, and water. In Australia, with distinct seasonal changes and variable rainfall across the regions, lawn hydration requires strategic thought and an understanding of your grass type. In this comprehensive guide, we will arm you with all the knowledge […]

The Only Pet Artificial Grass Guide You Need

Pet Artificial Grass Guide

As a proud pet parent in Australia, your constant pursuit might likely be about finding ways to make your furry friend’s life happier and healthier.  One fabulous innovation that has been gaining ground among pet owners is the use of pet artificial grass. Not only does it turn your yard into a beautiful, evergreen space, […]

9 Must-Have Tools You Need for Artificial Grass Maintenance

9 Must-Have Tools You Need for Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial grass is well-known for its incredible durability and low-maintenance nature. Unlike natural grass, it doesn’t require watering, mowing, or fertilising, making it an attractive option for busy homeowners and businesses alike.  However, a common misunderstanding is that synthetic turf doesn’t need any maintenance at all. While it’s much less labour-intensive than natural grass, it […]